Cosmetic Dentist Franklin

Cosmetic Dentist Franklin

Natural fillings in Franklin

Grant D. Hensley DDS is a cosmetic dentist Franklin. We are proud to now offer our patients natural fillings, which are tooth colored composite fillings that are used to correct issues and prevent teeth from being damaged by filling them. Most commonly they are used for cavities. As a replacement for amalgam fillings, they are safer and are used to restore decayed portions of teeth.

Dr. Hensley also specializes in implants, crowns, sleep apnea appliances and more. Having a teeth cleaning once every six months can help prevent gum disease, detect oral cancer and help save money on future dental problems as well as the need for fillings. We recommend our patients come in at least once every 6 months to a year to have a regular teeth cleaning with our Cosmetic dentist Franklin. Cleanings do not cause any discomfort or pain. During your annual cleaning, we’ll scale the teeth and remove tartar and plaque from the surface while protecting the tooth enamel. If you have deep pockets within the gums, a deep cleaning or a periodontal scaling may be ordered to rid the pockets of bacteria. Bacteria hides in the pockets between the gums and can cause tooth decay and tooth loss.

During a cleaning, our Cosmetic dentist Franklin will get into the pockets of the gums to remove bacteria and plaque. Removing bacteria and plaque is essential to helping keep teeth clean and healthy, free of any excess bacteria that can eventually lead to tooth decay. Our natural fillings work great in areas that are more visible such as the front teeth, thanks to their ability to blend in. We are available any time to answer questions regarding your dental health and to help educate you and your family on the importance of preventive oral care.

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