Franklin Teeth Whitening

Franklin Teeth Whitening

Common Causes of Teeth Stains in Franklin

Everyone wants a bright white smile that they can flash with confidence and most people do start out with relatively white teeth. The problem is that teeth tend to get duller and may discolor as time passes putting a damper on that bright smile. A dental exam by Dr. Grant D. Hensley, DDS can help pinpoint the cause of stained or dulling teeth and develop the best options for restoring that white smile including Franklin teeth whitening.

Teeth have two layers of material that protect the soft inner care of pulp, the dentin and the outer-most layer of enamel. Enamel is transparent, so the “white” color that teeth erupt from the gums with is actually on the dentin. Not all teeth are white when they come through the gums, some children do start off with teeth that are dull. No matter the original color of a person’s teeth the truth is that they will get discolored with time and use. The things we ingest accelerate tooth discoloration and stains, for instance some foods that are acidic will cause pores in the enamel to open allowing staining elements to penetrate. Beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, colas as well as dark sauces stain teeth over time. Smoking is a strong source of tooth stain. A Franklin teeth whitening will help to whiten teeth depending on the exact amount of discoloration.

Fluoride in water is helpful in preventing cavities but may cause the teeth to dull and discolor. Another common source of tooth discoloration is the use of some medications, especially antibiotics during childhood. Illness and trauma, especially during childhood can also lead to tooth discoloration, even at a later time. The good news is that diligent tooth maintenance and a Franklin teeth whitening can help keep teeth looking bright and clean. Come into our office for an evaluation so we can assist you in returning your teeth to their optimal color.

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