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Tooth colored fillings in Franklin TN

Franklin TN dental care

Franklin TN dental care

When tooth decay forms holes in your teeth, or cavities as they’re best known, turn to us at the office of Grant D. Hensley DDS for treatment in the form of tooth colored fillings. They are free of metal and mercury, match up with the hue of your teeth perfectly, and are long lasting.

Of course, the most important aspect of getting a filling is to protect your tooth so that the inner portion does not become susceptible to infection, causing the need for a root canal or even the loss of the tooth. Our Franklin TN dental care recommends that you come in twice per year for a full checkup and teeth cleaning. As part of that, periodic x-rays will be taken so that the presence of any cavity can be detected as early as possible. Smaller cavities are easier to fill, require less drilling (always a plus with most patients), and put you at far less risk than if the cavity is able to grow larger. Amalgam filling material, made from metal such as silver, used to be very popular, but this was because there were either no other options, or the alternatives were not durable or effective. Well, at Franklin TN dental care, we use advanced composites to create tooth colored fillings. This is a strong material that contains no mercury, which many people are concerned about. More impressively, the filling will blend in near seamlessly with your tooth so that to the eyes of others, it will not even appear as if you have a filling at all.

Why not take advantage of the technology that has made our Franklin TN dental care more beneficial than ever before? Tooth colored fillings are a plus cosmetically as well as for practical matters. You can feel confident knowing that we use them. Call our office to arrange an appointment.

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